A very reasonable question, thank you! The cost indicated on the website provides a standard video of up to 30 seconds however, the price may vary depending on the complexity of the animation, decorations and props.

Absolutely! An individual calculation is made for the animation package, but we promise you will like it! On average, the discount of animation package is about 25%.

Nobody has canceled cash yet, but yes, we work by bank transfer. You can also pay online through WayForPay system, SWIFT bank transfer or any other way convenient for you 😊

On average, you get your finished video in ten days after the script is approved.

Just click the “order” button, and then we will take your hand and walk you through the whole process! 🙂

Everything is very simple! You answer a few questions in the brief. We write the scenario and coordinate it with you. As soon as the script is approved, we begin to gather the props, prepare the scenery. All ingredients of the shooting we affirm with you as well. After that, we shoot and finalize the animation at the post-production stage.

You’re right, size matters 🙂 Mostly our customers order videos lasting up to 30 seconds, but nothing prevents us from shooting the time you need!

The cost of the video includes:

  • Creation of an idea, scenario and development of a creative concept.
  • The work of the director, cameraman, animator, props and production designer.
  • Basic set of props.
  • Color correction, editing.
  • Studio and equipment rental.
  • Music track exempted from copyright.

Our production cycle is fast enough. We make the most cost-effective creative and visual solutions, which, however, do not require huge resources for implementation. This allows us to keep price that is significantly lower than the prices of large animation studios specializing in cartoons.

We don’t recall a product or service which we couldn’t come up with a cool animated story for! 🙂 Mostly, products and services from the following areas appear in our frames: cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, food, jewelry and watches, travel services and hotel business, furniture and decor, as well as complex visualization services. In addition, we also do video invitations to holidays and video postcards.

Not just possible, but necessary! Stop motion works especially well in areas that are difficult to visualize. What is stop motion? This is a cartoon! So we can play absolutely any story!

What a good question! Thanks!
And in fact, what guarantees can we give you that the result of our work will satisfy you? Firstly, all our processes provide for the approval of each stage of preparation with you, even if you are far across three oceans. In this format, we have been working with clients around the world for four years. The process is perfectly debugged, believe us!